Customer Testimonials from Nunley Construction Customers

Nunley Construction is Rated: 5 / 5
based on these 18 happy customer reviews.

“I highly recommend Nunley Construction. We used them for the remodel of our Master Bathroom. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I found that Joe has a great eye for detail and was able to deliver a quality job. I wanted my bathroom to have simple elegance, and that is what he delivered When little things needed attention, Joe would call the subcontractor and made sure everything was right. We give them our highest recommendation.”

Mr. Eberwein | San Jose

“Most projects, large and small, will have some issues. Our project was no different. It is how a contractor deals with those issues that can define the remodeling experience. Whether it was a window order taking longer than expected or a short tile delivery, Joe’s resourcefulness in keeping our project on schedule without compromises was pretty amazing. With regards to the few errors that occurred during construction, Joe never wavered in taking responsibility for the errors and always conducted himself with the utmost honesty and integrity. With a project of this magnitude and duration, you get to know your contractor pretty well. We really enjoyed working with Joe and found him to be fair and reasonable in addressing any concerns that we had along the way. We deeply appreciated his responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism from beginning to end.”

Mrs. Christina | Palo Alto

“We did a full house remodel; 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms (was 4 very small bedrooms), kitchen, living room and family room, windows, and fireplace. It took my wife and I a long time to settle on a plan and a budget, largely because the budget was so large. By the time we had met Joe, we had already had a complete design done with an architect which came in with a price to build that was way too high. Joe showed a genuine interest in our concerns and desires. Of all the contractors we interviewed (more than 10) Joe was the only one who had actually done a little design work prior to the 2nd meeting. And had some really good ideas! Joe was always very respectful and his entire team very professional. Whenever there was a point of contention (which is almost inevitable on a job the size we were doing), Joe was always willing to help us find a path forward. His design work was very good and he was able to incorporate what we wanted. He managed the project well and I was certain that everything was well in hand. We really did get to like everyone involved in the project. But I have to single out Hector as a true tallent. We had a cathedral ceiling in our bedroom that we wanted to have moulding put in. Joe didn’t think it could be done and look right, but Hector did a beautiful job. I am still impressed when I look at it. btw, the painter, Humberto, has got to be the best in the business. His finish work is tremendous. If I have to fault Joe for anything, the project was a couple of months late on an approximate 6 month job. But as I understand it, that is about par for the course in construction. I would definitely recommend Joe and his team. If I ever do another remodel, I will make Joe my first call.”

Mrs. Lofquisttim | Mountain View

“We’ve worked with Nunley Custom Homes on three separate projects in our home – one, a major remodel – and we have another one in the works, so obviously we like their work. Joe Nunley is a hands-on manager, and he has dedicated teams of craftsmen working on his projects, so we felt very comfortable having his crews in our home during the various projects. The work is excellent – with lots of attention to detail. In addition, working with Joe is a pleasure. He is forthright about work schedules and any changes that need to be made. In a couple of cases, he suggested improvements to our designs, which we readily incorporated and which resulted in a vastly improved project.”

Mr. Carolstratford2002 | San Jose

“I have been a trade partner with Joe at Nunley Custom Homes for over 7 years. He’s a professional and his craftsmanship is outstanding. He treats his customers and trade partners great and he’s easy to work with. He is detail oriented and always stays on task with his projects. I enjoy working with Joe and would recommend him and his company to any client or friend of mine.”

Mr. Ed | Palo Alto

“We contracted with Nunley Custom Homes on 3 occasions. The first was remodel of certain parts of the house with room/space additions. The second and 3rd were of smaller scope, adding skylights and lifting the ceiling. Joe demonstrated creativity in design, his workmanship was excellent and he stayed within budget (except when we made an additional changes) and on time. His work crews were courteous and the job site was always clean, very important when you continue to live in the house. In summary it was a very positive experience to work with Joe and his crews and I would use Nunley Custom Homes again if the need occurs. It’s without saying that we can recommend them to anybody. MW”

Mr. Martin W. | Mountain View

“Joe Nunley handled a full bathroom remodel for us, including several new skylights. The work was top notch, and Joe was on top of any issues that came up during the project. Joe’s design ideas were very helpful, as he was able to increase the footprint of the bathroom, by rearranging some closet spaces, leaving us with a much nicer space than we had before. We highly recommend Nunley Custom Homes, and we will be using their services again.”

Mr. Atowell | Palo Alto

“J Nunley provided remodeling design proposals and execution services for a bathroom and master bedroom in our home. The work involved a full tear-out of both rooms with a major redesign of the master bedroom. All the work was done expertly; the bathroom was done in retro style and works out really well. In the bedroom we opted to increase the ceiling height and add additional sound insulation. All the work was done professionally using quality materials. Also the painting is far superior to anything I have seen from other contractors. All in all we are very satisfied with the work Joe Nunley did for us and will use him again for future upgrades.”

Mr. M Moisson | Mountain View

“Nunley Construction built our dream home and i had the pleasure to work with Joe on several client projects. His crew was always respectful, hard working, and forever patient with my input and scrutiny. Joe was endlessly tolerant of me, always giving me his respect, his vision and his very best talent. Looking back over all of the projects we’ve done over our 30 year marriage, (yes, we are one of the few couples that survived many remodels and a new build!), Joe Nunley was a gift from above. We’ve sold our home in California and now live in Arizona, and if it was possible we’d pick up Joe and drop him here to work again with us. We have no regrets, no second thoughts…Nunley Construction is by far one of the most professional and talented builders in the Bay Area. Trust me, you will be nothing but thrilled with the outcome!!!”

Mrs. M Maidens | San Jose

“We love the work Joe did for us. On budget. Great crew. Unbelievably clean worksite (we lived in the house while the work was done!) I highly recommend him.”

Ms. Karen S | San Jose

“We have had a fantastic experience working with Nunley Custom Homes. We are almost done with the first phase (kids playroom, guest bedroom and bathroom) and will soon start with an outdoor kitchen / dining room followed by a family room, master bedroom, master bathroom, kids bathroom and outside pool patio. The attention to details and professional craftsmanship of his team is amazing. We worked with Joe (Nunley) and a wonderful designer, Amanda Giles, through many of the design iterations. Joe has stayed intimately involved throughout the remodeling project and very responsive to our needs and requests. We are extremely happy with the project, especially after hearing so many horror stories from our friends in the area. Photos to come soon .”

Mrs. Jenstellefsen | Palo Alto

“Joe took care of us from design through build and really made a beautiful space for our family. The job transformed a 1950’s kitchen and dining room into a gorgeous open kitchen and dining area. He removed an old fireplace, vaulted ceilings, upgraded electrical panels, HVAC, plumbing and all the foundational elements, the cabinets, lighting and all the finishes. Joe was onsite and attentive to all the details throughout the job and a real pleasur to work with. I’d absolutely recommend Nunley Construction without reservation for any design to build job. Love my kitchen!”

Mr. K Hennesey | Mountain View

“Joe Nunley has completed three remodels for me in the past 16 years, from a simple (and gorgeous) bath remodel to adding a couple of rooms, to a complete rebuild which Joe both designed and built. The house he designed is a show-stopper; people frequently stop to ask who designed and built it. Joe and his team are completely reliable. Remodeling projects are complicated and can be stressful, so personality ends up making a big difference. Joe has an upbeat and professional attitude and is a pleasure to work with – he has become a family friend. He has a great eye, and also knows how to keep costs under control. Pictures of our major rebuild are posted on the site. Finally, when things go wrong, as they sometimes do, Joe makes them right again in a very calm and straightforward way.”

Mrs. Laura | Palo Alto

“We recently moved into a home that Joe and his crew designed and executed the massive remodel (including adding 2nd story) on about 5 years ago. The attention to detail is superb, and we regularly get requests via notes on our door or drivers stopping by to ask forbthe builders information.”

Mrs. K Garrison | Mountain View

“Extensive remodel with second floor addition of a 1940 ranch house. The original house was 1400 sq feet ; with the remodel 1000 sq feet were added. Nunley Construction took care of the whole project from the design phase to the permits and the construction. The company owner is very skilled with drawing and 3D rendering of the design giving the costumer a very good idea of the final space layout. The remodel was completed on time and within the budget.”

Mrs. P Maciocia | San Jose

“We contracted with Nunley Custom Homes for a whole-house remodel (1900 sf.) and master suite addition. Joe Nunley and his team delivered our project per plan, per budget and on time. Demolition began in April and we moved into our new home by October. We were amazed and delighted and highly recommend Nunley Custom Homes.”

Mr. Happy C. | Palo Alto

“To whom it may concern, After a long period of contemplation we decided to have some remodeling done on our house in Los Altos. The main areas which we wanted to improve were the guest bathroom and the MBR. I obtained several quotes and was looking for a reasonable price coupled with good idea generation and quality execution. After having considered all aspects we decided to go with Nunley Construction. We have been been very happy with the construction process as well as the end results. Joe and his team have gone out of their way to minimize intrusion without compromising on schedule or quality aspects. Over the last 15 years we have remodeled three different sections of our house and I can say that Nunley Construction have proven that they are a cut above the rest. Regards, Marc M”

Mr. Marc M | San Jose

“We contracted with Nunley Custom Homes to do a whole-house remodel with a five hundred square feet addition. Joe Nunley, owner of Nunley Custom Homes managed the entire construction process and always kept us abreast of the building progress. It was always easy to get a hold of Joe or at the latest; he would return any calls by end of the next day. It was a pleasure to work with the crew and administrative team of Nunley Custom Homes as they were professional, experienced and responsive. Five months later, to our absolute delight and relief, the project was completed and delivered per plan, on time and on budget! We absolutely recommend Nunley Custom Homes for their excellent value and professionalism. “

Mrs. Alana | San Jose