Six More Reasons to Remodel a Redwood City Bathroom

Interior of the modern bathroomAmong the many reasons given by Redwood homeowners remodeling a bathroom these are six of the most common.

1.  To make a small bathroom seem larger.  There are many ways to make a bathroom seem larger by redecorating and remodeling.  Even if the bath cannot actually be made larger, it can be made to seem larger.  Changes in fixtures and design, as well as some creative space allocation can actually create space within the existing room. Many Redwood homeowners undertake this kind of bathroom remodel either for their own needs or before placing their home on the market.

2.  The bathroom needs to be better suited to use by two people.  Whether two or more people are sharing a second bathroom or the master bath is inadequate, making a bathroom more functional for two people is a common reason for bathroom remodeling.  Whether the Redwood remodel is focused on having two sinks or partitioning off the toilet, making a bathroom work better for two people might be your reason to remodel.

3.  The bathroom needs to be more accessible.  The bathrooms in most homes are not designed to meet the additional safety and accessibility needs of the disabled or the elderly.  Whether the reason is to provide accessibility for a member of the family with a disability or to make it safer for the aging, accessibility is a very popular reason for bathroom remodeling.

4.  Adding a few luxuries in the bathroom is another popular reason for bathroom remodeling.  Whether the remodel is designed to add a whirlpool tub or a spa shower, or to add radiant floor heating and fogless mirrors, adding luxuries and special comforts is often the reason for a bathroom remodel.

5.  Creating a home spa is another reason homeowners have cited for a bathroom remodel.  Many Redwood homeowners want to de-stress at home instead of going to a spa.  They choose to add whirlpool tubs, steam showers, massaging showers, soaker tubs, heated towel racks and more.

6.  Making a bathroom energy- and water-efficient is also an increasingly popular reason for remodeling. These remodels use environmentally-friendly materials, high-efficiency lighting, water-saving plumbing fixtures, and more.  These changes result in energy savings for many years to come. Whatever the reason for deciding to Redwood remodel a bathroom, the best reason is to respond to the needs of your family.  Whether you are looking at immediate needs or at long-range needs, a bathroom remodel should focus on your family’s comfort and safety.

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What’s the Best Ceiling for your Woodside Remodeled Room?

Ceiling for your Woodside RemodeledWhen Woodside remodeling  you should remember that the ceiling is the finishing touch that crowns your work.  Choosing the right ceiling style for the room is as important as every other element of the room design.  The ceiling style you choose, and the way you finish it with moldings or color, can make your room look larger or smaller, rustic or elegant, and everything between.

The factors that help you define the type of ceiling that is the best fit for your remodeled room are: the way you will use the room, the architectural style of your home, your decorating style, and the effect you want to create with the ceiling.

A steeply pitched ceiling follows the pitch of the roof.  This will result in a sloped ceiling that is lower on the side and very high on the other side or in the middle.  A pitched ceiling will make the room look and feel bigger. You can either finish it with drywall or you can leave the beams exposed. The beams can then be either stained or painted in the color of your choice.  There are a few things to consider with this type of ceiling. First, you might find that you use all of the space between the rafters and beams for insulation.  Exposed beam designs might mean that you have to add to the beams before the insulation is installed. Covering a pitched ceiling with drywall might require a professional. Because of the number of seams and corners and the need for them to be exact, this can be a very slow and painstaking process.

A flat ceiling is the easiest to install in most cases.  You should find that you have plenty of room for good insulation above the ceiling. The pitch of your roof will probably dictate the height of your ceiling. Ordinarily, the higher the ceiling, the larger the room will look.  A flat ceiling can be built with drywall, metal (such as punched tin), wood or acoustical panels (such as are used in a drop ceiling).  If you want easy access to the space above the ceiling through the room you are remodeling, a drop ceiling might be the best choice. Panels that drop into the frame are available in a number of colors and designs.  Copper and tin panels are popular again for some ceilings. This will probably cost more than a simple drywall ceiling.

Another very popular ceiling option is a tray ceiling. Although the ceiling will basically be flat, the levels of the tray use the extra space above the ceiling to create one or two (sometimes even three) more levels of height in the center. This will make the Woodside  room seem larger and it can add a touch of elegance.  There is a challenge in drywall installation and cutting to make sure all of the seams, corners and lines are straight.  A number of effects can be created with different ways of painting the various tray levels.

Finally, finish off your Woodside remodeled ceiling with crown moldings. This trim placed where the ceiling meets the wall will make the room look more finished and elegant. Natural or stained wood crown molding can enhance an exposed beam ceiling, too.

Think about the way you will use the room, the style of your Woodside home, and your personal decorating taste when you choose your ceiling style. Don’t forget to finish it off with some striking crown molding.  You’ll love the result.

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Why Should My Santa Clara Kitchen Remodel Design Consider a “Work Triangle”?

Santa Clara Kitchen RemodelMost kitchen designs and Santa Clara kitchen remodeling designs can be based on a layout that considers the “work triangle”.  The theory behind the work triangle is to position the sink, refrigerator and the range or cook top in a triangle because this is the most efficient use of the space in a kitchen.  The three fixtures then form the points of a triangle, with the distance between them being between four and nine feet.

Santa Clara kitchen design contractors say that if there is less than four feet between these fixtures, the space is too cramped to work.  If the distance is more than nine feet, the result is waste of energy, time due to too much walking. This traditional layout of kitchens still tends to be preferred in kitchen design both in new construction and in Santa Clara kitchen remodeling.

There are many ways to design the layout of a kitchen to provide a work triangle.  The sides of the triangle do not, of course, need to be the same size.  If, for example, all kitchen counters and appliances are on one wall, the layout would be such that there is no more than nine feet between any two of the main fixtures.

In a larger kitchen or a kitchen with an L-shaped layout of two of the fixtures, adding an island in which the cook top is located will make the triangle smaller. In a large kitchen, you can create work areas for different types of cooking, with additional sinks. In this case, your Santa Clara kitchen design might incorporate two or more work triangles.

It is also possible to design a work triangle in a kitchen in a way that will direct traffic away from the work area.  In kitchens open to dining areas, this can be an important consideration.

Islands and peninsulas can often be added to kitchens which are inefficiently designed to reduce the size of the work triangle or to create an efficient work triangle. These spaces can also be used to set off the work area, to provide additional counter space or work space, and to provide additional storage.  Islands and peninsulas can also be used to create dining space in the kitchen.

It is increasingly popular in larger kitchens to create functional areas within the kitchen, such as a baking area or a grilling area.  These functional areas can each fit into or create a work triangle by adding additional refrigerators, sinks, etc.  A baking area, for example might be designed in a way that makes the oven a point in the triangle.  However, if this is the case, access to the cook top or range should also be considered.

Thinking creatively and considering the value of the work triangle should help you achieve a fully functional Santa Clara kitchen remodeling design that will be efficient as well as pleasing to the eye.

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Bathroom Remodeling in Menlo Park

Bathroom Remodeling Menlo ParkWhen you think of  Menlo Park bathroom remodeling you might think of changing  the color of the walls, the tiles or of even changing sinks, bath tubs, glass panels or mirrors. Updating the counter tops, sinks, showers, tub and toilets can also help make your Menlo Park bathroom more efficient, modern and even add much value to your home.

Bathroom remodeling should not be quite complicated as it may seem. First, one should take a good look at the appearance and function of the bathroom at its present state; as mentioned earlier, faucets and toilet functions have to be checked for leaks or water containing problems. Tiles and panels have to be checked to consider which ones have to be replaced due to deterioration. In essence, one would have to decide well which needs to be replaced or fixed. Second, insignificant as it may seem but it is best to take in mind the importance of ventilation. Ventilation plays a vital role in keeping the bathroom fixtures subject to minimal exposure of mildew and mold formation that can ruin tiles and fixtures in the long run. A good bathroom remodeling tip would be to make sure that there is good ventilation such as an exhaust fan and a small window to let in natural air at some times. Good news is that there are many ventilation equipment that are quieter and more efficient than the old ones that make squeaky noises or annoying sounds.

Third, have a good bathroom remodeling design in mind; have one that is practical. As much as possible, moving a fixture from one place to another is unnecessary as it will lead to more expensive costs such as having to deal with the drainage system and piping all over again. Rather than moving fixtures, wall paint color, lighting fixture and tiles design should be emphasized on. These can be taken into consideration:

1.) Wall paint color should be lively yet toned; it will give ambiance to the room.

2.) Lighting fixtures is also important since this will cover and emphasize the hues of the room. It should not have much of an irritating flash effect to the eyes nor should it be dim. Lights tend to bounce off the tiles and mirrors that the amount should be just right.

3.) As for tiles design, this is a very new and modern look. Vinyl flooring can also be used and is easy to clean and durable.

Lastly, to save time and effort, it is highly recommended that bathroom remodeling should be done by a Menlo Park professional. Therefore, materializing your ideas should be done by Menlo Park bathroom remodeling reputable contractor. It is best that one should research on the ones who are licensed; while it may not be a true guarantee of craftsmanship, it may as well guarantee that one has passed the standards of being a Menlo Park contractor and have the know-how of going through the process that may require permits.

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Accessibility in Mountain View Kitchen Design

Many Mountain View families find it necessary to consider accessibility in designing their kitchen because of a family member with a disability or because of aging family members who are experiencing some physical limitations. At this time, there is no code of accessible design for residential homes. There are, however, sets of guidelines for various levels of home accessibility. Many of the features needed by persons with disabilities are also attractive and useful to others.

If you want to make your Mountain View remodeled kitchen more accessible, here are some of the basic steps you might take:

  • Raise electrical outlets from the standard height of 12 inches to 15 or 18 inches above the floor
  • Consider wider hallways and doors (34-36 inches)
  • Do not include interior steps
  • Color contrast between trim and surface of the floor
  • Lever door handles, loop handle pulls on drawers and cabinet doors, touch latches or magnetic latches on cabinets
  • Light switches at 36-44 inches above the floor
  • Single lever water controls
  • Pressure balanced anti-scald valve at sinks
  • Space between face of cabinets and walls of 48 inches or more
  • Clear knee space under sink
  • Adjustable-height work surfaces (28-42 inches)
  • Stretches of continuous counter tops for easy sliding of heavy items
  • Pantry storage with easy access pull-out or adjustable-height shelves
  • Front-mounted controls on appliances
  • Cook top with knee space below
  • Side-by-side refrigerator to allow easy access to all items
  • Built-in oven with knee space beside
  • Dishwasher raised on a platform or drawer unit so top rack is level with adjacent counter top
  • Crank operated windows

Design help is also available from organizations like the Arthritis Foundation, the MS Foundation, the Parkinson’s Foundation and agencies on Aging. These organizations can also help you find architects and certified kitchen designers in Mountain View who have the knowledge and experience to help you make good choices in creating an accessible kitchen. These organizations can also help you find manufacturers who make the appropriate styles of appliances.

The primary considerations in kitchen accessibility are:
1. Space – enough open space in the appropriate parts of the kitchen to allow someone to turn a wheelchair or a scooter.
2. Access – counter height, appliance design and storage design that is accessible to someone with reaching, bending or standing limitations.
3. Safety – think about and plan for alternative ways to do things, such as moving heavy items, reaching across cook tops or ranges, ability to reach needed items from a wheelchair.

With some research and thought you can create an accessible and stylish Mountain View kitchen remodeling design that will be fully accessible and safe for family members with mobility limitations.

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Top Tips For Your Mountain View Kitchen Remodeling

Nunley Kitchen RemodelingModern living is not considered to be transforming the house to match the lifestyle of an individual. And one of the house parts that is getting improvement project is the kitchen. By blending it with the lifestyle, it would mean that there is a Mountain View kitchen design and style that will match the bachelors, for small and bigger families, and others.

Kitchen Remodeling

First of all, the news about the potential problems caused by global warming had alerted individuals that it is about time for them to take care of the environment. With this, most people would choose to go green or natural not only in the workplace but also in the home. With this, there are already a lot of materials that are considered to be nontoxic not only for people but also for the environment. These are good for people especially if there are kids at home. The good thing about these items is that its disposal will not be a problem for the environment that may contribute to global warming.

Next, people would now like to have everything to be high tech. this means that the kitchen should have appliances made with the latest technology such as burners, exhaust and many more. Even other gadgets will make the kitchen very enjoyable especially for cooking.

Remodeling Contractor

These are only some of the Mountain View kitchen remodeling design available. You just need to choose the right designs suited to your needs and contact a contractor that will help you make it possible. The good thing about these contractors is that they are very much knowledgeable on how to do the project the right way. They will be very helpful in getting your dream kitchen model done and start transforming your home to the one just suitable for modern living.

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How You Need To Handle A San Jose Remodeling Project

Have realistic expectations. San Jose Remodeling can be very messy; there is no getting around that. Sometimes projects can take longer and cost more than expected or planned for.

Be sure to ask lots of questions and do your homework ahead of time to ensure that the people you hire are reputable and conscientious. They will be worth their weight in gold.

Invest In Quality

It is best not to cut corners when it comes to how you trim out your house in regards to appliances, materials or fixtures. When you invest in quality, it will pay off in the long run.

Be sure the company you hire as a “go to” person so you can ask him/her daily questions, such as: What time will the workers will be arriving the next day. Don’t take it for granted that they will be back -ask. Also find out what time they will be starting and finishing.

Keep In Touch

Make sure you find out what work will be going on. I always recommend getting an approximate schedule for the week in advance. Knowing the answers can mean the difference between having peace of mind and giving someone a piece of your mind.

Find the right balance…you’ll need to be around to do some supervision, but you’ll also need to stay away to keep your sanity.

Finally, make sure you do some fun or relaxing things for yourself so you can get through it in a positive way. Keep this thought – Remodeling is like having a baby, the pain is difficult but only temporary and the final results have a way of making it all worthwhile.

Remodeling Increases Your Home’s Value

San Jose Remodeling will give you benefits if you decide to sell your home. A good estimate is you’ll get a return of 92% of what you invested into a kitchen remodel and 105% of your investment back on a master bathroom remodel.

Be mindful – don’t expect low-cost, quick fix remedies to pay off very well. A complete renovation using quality materials and experienced contractors will be much wiser and a better investment.

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Top 3 Mountainview Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Mountainview bathroom remodeling

Below are some helpful tips that will completely transform your Mountainview bathroom into that bathroom you’ve been longing for. The most important trick is to go with the flow and don’t stress too much about it, but simply enjoy the process.


The first thing that you should consider when planning to undertake Mountainview bathroom remodeling is the floor. Look very closely on the options that you have and try to ask yourself what type of floor you want to have. Try to choose a flooring style that will completely jive and accommodate the changing temperature of water and steam.

There are numerous flooring types that are affordable, easy to arrange and are considerably attractive, such as vinyl and laminates. And the best of all is the fact that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on this. Just try to choose something that you really love and it looks good in your Mountainview bathroom area.


The next step to effective Mountainview bathroom remodeling is to choose the colors that will make the mood of the room more enjoyable and relaxing. Majority of interior designers will strongly suggest that you keep away from dark colors such as browns and reds because they have the capacity to stimulate the wrong and bad emotions.

The best idea is to choose a color that you especially enjoy looking at. If you’re still not sure what to get, easy and cheerful colors such as beige, light yellow, white or light green are sure winners. The most important is to refrain from using black, just because this color doesn’t look good in any type of room, unless we’re talking about a dark room for photography.

Tubs, Showers, Sinks

Finally, the most important factor to consider in Mountainview bathroom remodeling is to decide on whether the shower and tub you presently have is worth keeping. You may want to use something that you would normally find in your favorite spas.

It is possible for you to purchase showers that provide you with water and steam similar to a sauna or spa. Or you may even opt to have the shower as a separate unit from the bath tub.

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A Guide to Kitchen Remodeling in Mountain View

If you are a Mom who loves to cook, chances are you might be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. After spending a good number of years around your kitchen, you probably have some Mountain View kitchen remodeling ideas that will make your stay in the area more enjoyable and comfortable. You might be thinking of making the area more convenient, more spacious, or more organized. If you are considering of giving your kitchen area a few changes, this article is definitely for you.

While it is important to think about changing the color scheme or the countertops and cabinets, your foremost goal in remodeling your kitchen is to make the area more convenient as you go about your daily kitchen chores – after all, you get to prepare meals at least three times daily.

First you can do is assess the area. Take down notes on what you want done. Survey the entire room, including the fixtures. Do you need to replace old cabinets, repaint the walls, or replace chipped or stained tiles? Do you need to replace old kitchen appliances? Or change plumbing? Are the pans and other kitchen utensils in the right places and well organized? How easy it is for you to work around the kitchen? These are just a few questions that you have to ask yourself.

Since the kitchen is one of the most used areas in the house, you can ask inputs from other family members for some Mountain View kitchen remodeling ideas. They might want to effect a few changes as well.

It is also a good idea to check out magazines that feature home improvement ideas and remodeling tips. You can also browse the internet; you will be surprised to find that there are sites dedicated to giving remodeling and renovating tips to the public, complete with photos, and recommendations for the best builders and Mountain View remodeling contractors.

You will also find computer software to use so you can experiment on what you want done to your space to give you an idea of what you want the area to look like. You will simply need to input pertinent information like room dimensions and measurements of your existing appliances and fixtures and the software will help you develop a design that is apt for your area.

You might be able to get ideas from the experts like interior decorators. Some companies offer consultations on remodeling and renovating projects.

When you want to make a complete renovation, consider how big your kitchen area is. You should have a clear picture of what you want your kitchen to look like after the remodeling. Make sure that you know exactly what needs to be done.

Taking into consideration also of how much you are willing to shell out for this particular project. The designs and the specifications, they are easy to come by, but if you don’t have the funds, how will you be able to carry out your plans? Buying the materials is one consideration, as well hiring a professional. It would also be helpful to plan ahead. Maybe you might want to save some money first and when you have enough, then you can start with your project.

If you are tired of your old kitchen and you want to carry out Mountain View kitchen remodeling, make sure you plan ahead, you will surely never go wrong.

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Mountain View Bathroom Remodeling Tips


Thinking about starting a Mountain View bathroom remodeling project? The bathroom is actually one of the most important parts of a house. In fact, there are homeowners who bought a house simply because of the excellent design of the bathroom. Hence, upgrading this part of the house could actually be an investment for the homeowner, not to mention an excellent source of enjoyment.


Of course, remodeling the bathroom not only requires patience but also considerable amount of knowledge about the project. For this reason, it isn’t recommended that homeowners remodel their bathrooms personally unless they’re experienced with the task. Instead, they should get the help of a professional for the project. Still, a professional doesn’t mean the homeowner has to spend thousands for the remodeling. In fact, it’s perfectly possible to get professional work done without spending more than the stipulated budget. That being said, following are some tips on how this can be done.


Remodeling Coverage

The first question to be asked is: what needs changing? Some people only need to change external factors of the bathroom while others are aiming to change how the entire plumbing works. Make sure to decide exactly what needs changing and what could stay in place. Write it down as much as possible to make it easier for the Mountain View remodeling contractor to count the amount of work and the cost. Keep in mind that Mountain View plumbing would usually increase the cost of the project.


Settle on a Budget

Regardless of the remodeling project, every homeowner must first decide what type of budget they can provide for the job. Talk it out with the contractor or someone who knows something about home remodeling and can provide a faithful estimate of the cost depending on what needs changing. One good way to approach this problem is to ask for estimates from different contractors and choose the one that provides the best service at the most affordable cost.


Get an Idea of What you Want

The work would be so much easier if the homeowner already has a realistic idea of what they want done. Use the internet for information, browsing through different bathroom designs for examples. It doesn’t have to be an exact copy, simply take different elements of the bathroom and incorporate it into what one wants. Even creating a layout of the ideal bathroom would be a good idea as well as printing out samples and showing them to the contractor. Using tools for home design would also be incredibly helpful.


Don’t Forget the Little Things

Most people overlook small facets in Mountain View bathroom remodeling that could totally change the mood of the room. For example, lighting plays a big role in how the bathroom would ultimately look. It isn’t expensive but it would definitely throw in the right visual every owner wants. At the same time, putting art pieces in the bathroom would also make it seem brighter and more attractive.


Of course, these aren’t the only Mountain View bathroom remodeling ideas that homeowners could incorporate. Talk it out with the contractor to get a better view of how the project would cost, what is included in the work and how long would it likely take.

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